Monday, January 31, 2011


Wow, been hard keeping up with the blog this year! I obviously can not even begin to scratch the surface for the months I have been gone, so I will just add some things here and there! It is freezing here so I thought I would start with some place warm and tropical, Jamaica!!! We stayed at the Sandals Resort in Montego Bay, it is the first Sandals ever built. The staff and accomodations were amazing, we would love to go back someday! The water and beach were absolutely beautiful, you just can't believe the water is that blue until you see it!

Our patio and room, all rooms had a jacuzzi tub and were stocked daily with a mini bar.

There were several fancy restaurants with gourmet food as well as pubs were you could enjoy a burger or appetizers. And a picture of the Stephanies, Kyle's work wife and I :)

We enjoyed an afternoon on a catamaran cruise and snorkeling which was my most favorite activity of the trip. There was always something fun to do, the last pictures are of a game the guys participated in, too much to explain, you'll have to ask us sometime!

Monday, September 27, 2010

So much catching up

Haven't blogged in sooooo long! Sorry we have been busy. In August we competed at the fair and had to say goodbye to Rusty and Shadow, which was not easy!! Yes there were tears, by all of us!! Kaleb continues to ask if we can pray for Shadow, "that she is having a good time where she's at!" The night before she was sold he told me "I prayed all night that Shadow wouldn't get cut up in to pieces!" Ah, broke my heart! Beccy and I thought the saddest part was that they wouldn't be together anymore!! They were like sisters, always looking for each other and wanting to be where the other was at! Some last pictures with the heifers!

Some random photos of the boys and playing outside, which is Kolt's and Kyson's favorite thing to do....

This was a the farm where we kept our cows. The boys were always finding something to do.

And finally......Our trip to KC to take in a Royals game (it was fun run so the kids got to actually go on the field and run the bases) and celebrate Kaleb's birthday at Fritz's. It is a cool little restaurant that brings your order out by a little train, fun stuff.

Our Food!!